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What we do

We set up and drive devops teams to assist companies implement and maintain Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations.

Who we are

UnitedHours is a company that strives to be a fun and efficient partner and employer.

We focus on implementing Dynamics 365 for any corporation that are prepared and willing to utilize an ambitions partner that has adopted to agile methodologies proven to be efficient in multiple projects. Our focus is Retail implementations.

We believe in peoples own drive and ambitions, and we pride ourselves in letting people take responsibility for their work while, at the same time, inspiring all participants to communicate and cooperate in a prestige less fashion.  We have no doubt in that it must be fun to work, and that people must feel opportunity to get involved in new opportunities. We would like to inspire people to take much of their own responsibility for growing their competence in directions of preference.

We believe strongly in the power of the group where everyone must feel comfortable in the working environment and without fear of making mistakes. It is from mistakes human beings learn. Bearing that in mind we certainly focus on producing solutions that are of high quality, in all aspects, be it functionality, stability, maintainability, performance or security or any other aspects that are of importance for the solution in question.

UnitedHours shall be easy to deal with we believe in the agile manifest

  • Individuals and interactions over Processes and Tools

  • Working Product over Documentation

  • Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

  • Responding to change over Following a Plan

Based on our experience and competence we can quickly understand business requirements and to implement solutions that meet these. From experience we understand that everything is much more complex than what the first impression is. Testing ideas and making relevant proof of concepts are generally a more efficient way of understanding requirements than, creation of high-level designs and other documents, to be able to create real solutions that actually work in real life. Another bearing idea is to involve resources from start to end. Continuity is key to success and our experience emphasizes the importance of reduction of the number of handovers in any initiative.

Our vision is to be a valued partner and employer and to provide an environment that is stimulating and fun to be part of.


Customer stories


UnitedHours implemented Dynamics 365 for Commerce for Åhléns, which is a Swedish chain of 60+ retail stores. The project went live after a rather tight time plan in Q1 2019. We were responsible for the implementation of Dynamics  365 F&O and all the required functionality that needed to be configured, customized and migrated in order to support the retail stores as well as web orders integration. There was a great number of challenges based on the high volume of transactions, products, users and POS as well as number of ECOM orders handled by the application.  Discounts are, as most of the time within retail a challenge. To manage and facilitate in a smooth and efficient way to handle these, given the extraordinary large product portfolio, addon functionality was built to support discount managers in their work.  Some of the integration with legacy systems proved to be a challenge, especially the interactive ones but also some of the batch oriented complex integrations  with high load.

Performance in the store was one of the challenges that Åhléns had and the store processes were streamlined both in the processes execution path but also measures to improve the processing times. Performance in migration process was also a challenge in the project and in ongoing operations. Omni channel support is always tricky to accomplish and several innovative integration solutions was used to facilitate the expected customer experience to support.

Rollout to the stores was done in a phased approach, the users was trained in a train the trainer model that worked very well, much thanks to the easy to use POS application. By use of configuration and some extensions the application is perceived as easy to use by most users in the stores.

Telia simplifies processes, streamlines POS, and improves customer experience with Dynamics 365

As the largest telecommunications company in Sweden, Telia wanted to streamline its inventory and sales processes and create a trusted experience for customers. It considered how to connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 with its existing SAP systems while reducing the number of total systems and simplifying day-to-day tasks for staff. Telia adopted several Dynamics 365 business applications—Commerce, Supply Chain Management, and Finance—along with Microsoft Power BI. As a result, the company cut its number of disparate systems in half, gained the ability to tightly track inventory, improved its sales, and created a faster, more personalized shopping experience for its customers.



The Team

The team


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