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Westpay Payment Connector

Unitedhours Westpay Payment Connector enables you to utilize Westpay’s services and payment terminals in your Dynamics 365 Commerce channels without building and maintaining the integration yourself. Built using the Dynamics payment connector framework to ensure stability and compability with future versions.

With Westpay you can choose acquirer freely and even use multiple acquirer to ensure that the acquirer that is most beneficial for you and your customers while also providing flexible payment options and a great experience.

Westpay is a full-service fintech- and payment solution provider that offers solutions that simplify payments and amplifies the overall customer experience. The company is represented globally, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market


Integrated Commerce

Westpay offers an integrated ecosystem where all your transactions are gathered, managed and visualised in one system. You can easily analyse data from all payment methods and filter the information in any way. Just imagine all the insights you would get when you see the full picture in real time. Not to mention the time you will save. 


Westpay are an independent solution provider. With Westpay you can, on-going analyse your needs and demands, cherry pick aquirer and even use multiple acquirers. This is an area where you can save a lot of money as well as gain quality. 

Westpay connector features in Dynamics 365 Commerce

Swipe to pay

Enable alternative payment methods like Klarna, Swish, Vipps or mobile pay without having to build and maintain separate integrations.

Swipe Ahead

Speed up tender process by allowing the customer to enter their card while you build the cart and lower the time spent to tender the cart, for both your cashiers and customers.


The integration is built using Microsoft Dynamics payment connector framework to ensure combability with the systems standard payment processes.

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